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Our Character, Mission and Vision for Cricket in Mexico

Our Vision

The Mexico Cricket Association is dedicated to growing the sport of cricket in Mexico. Our mission is to introduce, promote, and establish cricket in all Mexican States by 2030 and to make cricket the Number one girls sport in the Country by 2030. We are an Associate member of the International Cricket Council.

We are guided by our core values of transparency, clarity of vision, and dedication to the task in hand. Our award-winning Committee and volunteers work tirelessly to grow cricket in Mexico. The Mexico Cricket Association’s short, medium, and long-term goals are:

  • To increase participation numbers through social cricket programs – Enjoy the game!

  • To establish recognised leagues in all the Mexican States

  • To create a National Women's League by 2022

  • To create a Women's U17 side drawn from current and future players by 2020

  • To create our own coaching and umpiring programs to be self-sufficient in these areas by 2021

  • To enable anyone to enjoy cricket in some capacity.

  • To be a good neighbor and friend to our colleagues in the region

  • To forge partnerships with Countries such as Canada, United States and the Central American cricket playing nations to share ideas and seek opportunities to grow and play together.


From Mexico City and Jalisco to Nuevo Leon and Queretaro, we are dedicated to growing cricket in

Our Character

The Mexico Cricket Association exists to nurture and grow the Game of Cricket in Mexico.

It provides a home for residents and visitors–who hail from the very many cricketing nations in the world to play and enrich the game in Mexico. From this foundation it seeks to instill a passion for the game among Mexicans.

Both objects are central to the considerations of the Association as it seeks to develop cricket in Mexico. The two are interwoven, inextricable.


The Association gives abiding reference to the history of cricket and is devoted to conducting the game in the Spirit upon which it was founded. The Spirit of Cricket forms the second section of our Charter.


We celebrate the fact cricket has been played in Mexico since the 1820s. We pay special tribute to our oldest club, the Mexico City Cricket Club. We commit that it is never disbanded.


We are forever grateful for the home provided for our game by The Reforma Athletic Club.


We commit to building the strongest bond with the institutional custodians of the Game, the International Cricket Committee (ICC), of which we are an affiliate member, as well as with other institutional supporters, in Mexico and abroad.


We recognize the growing interest in the sport across Latin America and seek to engage in forums and tournaments that intend to foster participation and friendship across the region.


We revel in and encourage the Latino-infused approach to the game.


We support cricket’s propagation across the country. We recognize the importance of expanding the playing base; creating a new generation of cricketers and supporters whose passion can carry the game forward.


Our ideal is to field regionally competitive national sides, for women, men and children. We aspire for these teams to be constituted wholly of Mexican citizens and seek to expose promising players to higher competition wherever possible.


We embrace difference and disability. We are resolute in fostering a domestic competition that consists of teams of diverse culture and skill. This principle will be our fundamental guide in the selection of teams, the development of our fixtures and in our coaching practices.


We recognize the importance of celebrating the game beyond the call of stumps. We embrace its supporters – families, spectators, officials and the many others who derive enjoyment from it.


Conduct of the game will be governed by the Committee of the Mexico Cricket Association. Decision making of the Committee will be founded on the contents of this Charter. Our President is the first among equals.


We are strongest when we reflect the society to which we belong.


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The Reforma Athletic Club in Naucalpan de Juárez has been the home of Mexican cricket since 1894 and the champion of the sport in the Country for over 125 years. The Reforma Athletic Club has one of the highest turf wickets in the world and is a regular host of international cricket tournaments. The hallowed turf has been graced by some of the greats of the game, such as Fred Trueman, and is regularly visited by the Marylebone Cricket Club.

We are thankful and appreciative of The Reforma Athletic Club’s constant support for Mexico

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